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Vaultex Global Cash Survey

Cash. Pounds and pence, dollars and cents, yuan and jiao. Physical money has driven economies for thousands of years. And yet, following a period of relatively rapid payment transformation, the common narrative is that cash is on the way out. But is this really the case?

We asked leading experts from central banks across the world for their thoughts on cash’s place in the wider payments industry.

This report considers these opinions alongside research from a range of other sources.

Our survey, combined with these additional facts and figures, shows that cash will continue to play a vital role in economies all around the world – with 70% of respondents indicating that cash will still be the main payment method in their country in 2030.

The report looks at a number of topics including what central banks believe some of their main cash challenges will be in the years to come; how cash processing costs might be reduced; and whether non-cash payments, such as cryptocurrencies, will become common in the future.

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Vaultex Global Cash Survey 2018
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