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Note services

Cash processing

Vaultex helps you convert cash in your tills to a balance in your bank account quickly and accurately. Doing this in a way that helps you reconcile the sums reported by your individual outlets to the records in your bank account is central to our customer-driven philosophy.

At Vaultex, we receive, count and credit billions in direct note deposits from customers and bank branches every year. Which means you’ll be entrusting your cash to a highly-experienced team.

We use state-of-the-art High-Speed Note Sorters to validate and count cash, handling deposits efficiently and accurately.

Once we’ve counted the cash you’ve deposited, we arrange for your bank account to be credited – all on the day the cash is received at our sites.  Only one in every 10,000 credits processed by Vaultex results in an incoming query. It’s this exceptional accuracy that keeps customer administration to a minimum.

Cash supply

If you need a regular supply of notes to provide cash withdrawals or change for your customers, Vaultex is here to help. We use state-of-the-art Note Sorters to count and separate high-quality notes. What’s more, we supply notes as pre-sorted orders, which facilitates swift distribution by your cash-in-transit provider. The result? You get the cash you need more quickly.

Intelligent Cassette Exchange

Intelligent Cassette Exchange enables Vaultex to pack cassettes in the controlled environment of our processing sites before sending them directly out to ATMs. This means there’s no need for the cash to go through a separate cassette packing service with an additional supplier – minimising risk, reducing costs, cutting time out of the cash cycle and giving customers control.

We also provide outsourced CIT depot services at our sites, enabling partner ATM deployers to reduce their operational and fixed costs.

Intelligent Tills

We’re working with retailers who are integrating intelligent till technology to help them maximise its potential for improving the cash management process. This will allow retailers to handle cash in stores faster, cut back office costs and reduce shrinkage.

Sectors we work with


We supply notes and coin nationwide for large and small orders from stores or head office. We also process cash with pinpoint accuracy and help customers integrate intelligent till technology.

Financial Institutions

We work with our shareholder banks and other financial institutions. Notes and coin for branch counters can all be supplied quickly and to the highest quality.

Leisure and Hospitality

Whether you’re a pub, a hotel, a restaurant or any other leisure or hospitality venue, we can supply notes and coins according to your specific requirements.

ATM providers

We provide ATM fit notes for cash machines. In addition, we offer cassette packing and a managed service that looks after the process from beginning to end.