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Managed services

Managed Services makes Vaultex the single accountable supplier for end-to-end cash management solutions for retailers, financial institutions or Independent ATM Deployers. Vaultex amalgamates all aspects of the cash chain into one efficient, secure and cost-saving product with simple, accountable metrics.

We offer a full end-to-end service management of ATMs on behalf of Financial Institutions, Independent ATM Deployers and Retailers  – including Cash Forecasting, ATM Cassette Packing, Cash in Transit, ATM Replenishment, First and Second Line Maintenance, Balancing and Reconciliation services.

Vaultex can help maximise the cost effectiveness of the cash cycle whilst optimising the supply of cash.

Cash in Transit Carrier Management

Vaultex partners with Cash In Transit carriers to provide cost effective solutions for customers. We continuously tailor delivery and collection schedules to move money more cost effectively.

End-to-End Management

We’re breaking the industry status quo by offering an integrated end-to-end managed service with clear, accountable performance criteria.