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Cash optimisation


At Vaultex, we understand the complex balance that must be achieved in cash management between the cost and risk of holding too much cash, and the need for ready availability of notes and coins for your customers. By forecasting the cash requirements of ATMs, branches and till floats, and adding into the mix Cash in Transit costs, interest rates and premises insurance, we can optimise cash management for our customers.

Vaultex VIEW

Vaultex VIEW is an online portal that will give our customers instant access to the data they need on their money. Rather than being provided with static data, Vaultex VIEW users will be able to see and analyse their data instantly. It’s an increased level of detail which allows us to help our customers optimise cash holding levels, analyse trends and manage their cash more effectively.

Additionally, Vaultex VIEW will give our customers the ability to order cash through the web, via an intuitively designed scheduling tool. Users can view, configure, download and manage reports and create bespoke management information on demand.

Sectors we work with


We supply notes and coin nationwide for large and small orders from stores or head office. We also process cash with pinpoint accuracy and help customers integrate intelligent till technology.

Financial Institutions

We work with our shareholder banks and other financial institutions. Notes and coin for branch counters can all be supplied quickly and to the highest quality.

Leisure and Hospitality

Whether you’re a pub, a hotel, a restaurant or any other leisure or hospitality venue, we can supply notes and coins according to your specific requirements.

ATM Providers

We provide ATM fit notes for cash machines. In addition, we offer cassette packing and a managed service that looks after the process from beginning to end.