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Intelligent Cassette Exchange

At Vaultex, we’re always looking for ways to integrate services to create value for our customers. We’ve created a new cassette packing service that forms part of a managed service product – one simple contract that makes life easier for our customers.

The challenge

Our customer was looking for a more efficient solution to filling their ATM machines – one that avoided the need for a third party supplier to pack money into ATM-ready cassettes.

Our approach

Intelligent Cassette Exchange enables Vaultex to pack cassettes with cash in our processing sites before sending them directly out to ATMs. This means there’s no need for the cash to go through a separate cassette packing service with an additional supplier.

The benefits

Minimises risk and reduces losses: By packing cassettes in our processing sites, we avoid third party contact. Fewer hands touching the cash means significantly reduced losses.

Cuts time off the cash cycle: We provide a streamlined process, which delivers faster cash processing times.

Delivers greater control:  Gives customers increased control over the cash processing cycle, including improved performance information. Cassettes are weighed both coming in and leaving Vaultex – providing a full audit trail.

New technology delivers higher quality notes: we’ve invested £10 million in state-of-the-art high speed note sorters which deliver notes in pristine condition to your ATMs.