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Vaultex introduce eco-friendly cleaning products across our estate

As a business, our desire to continue to operate in a more environmentally friendly way has been well documented in recent years.

This year presented another great opportunity to positively the impact the environment and increase the safety of our people. In January, in collaboration with our facilities provider ISS (International Service System), we mapped out the trialling and implementation of new, eco-friendly cleaning products across our estate.

The products are non-chemical and entirely natural, relying upon biodegradable, pre-dosed sachets that dissolve when mixed with water to create the cleaning solution in reusable bottles. A three-month trial in one of our operational sites also concluded that they maintained our existing cleaning standards, and in a couple of cases, even exceeded them.

Now, we’re thrilled to announce the successful rollout of the products across the entire Vaultex estate, alongside the necessary training, in a two-month period throughout August and September.

Moving forward, the impact of this change means Vaultex will benefit from:

  1. A 95% reduction in our cleaning-related carbon footprint. The delivery of new biodegradable sachets as and when they are required significantly reduces the number of deliveries and road mileage our existing process contains
  2. No single-use plastic. Their reusable bottles are designed to last a lifetime – reducing waste by 90% compared to using traditional cleaning solutions
  3. No risk of chemical overdosing. Pre-dosed sachets mean they are much safer for our people to handle. Biodegradable packaging means no negative impact to the planet.

“It`s really pleasing to introduce new products that are safer for people to use, and as importantly, help reduce our environmental impact as a company,” says Head of Facilities Management Graham Kidd.

“We know reducing our operational impact is a collective effort, so to widen that effort in an area we didn’t think we could make much of a difference is a great result. Not to mention a small cost-saving too. It`s true what they say… It`s good to be green!”