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Vaultex help fund Solar Learning Lab in South Africa

Vaultex has partnered with Utelize to support Computer Aid’s Solar Learning Labs programme – an initiative that brings technology hubs to communities in remote areas around the world.

The programme provides technological and internet access to people by constructing Solar Learning Labs in communities where technology is scarce or non-existent. Reliant on solar power, each lab is self-sufficient and can provide digital skills education for up to 1,000 local community members.

They are also made from converted shipping containers; flexible enough to be placed just about anywhere in the world.

Following our internal iPhone replacement rollout, Vaultex has been able to contribute to the Solar Learning Lab cause by donating 118 iPhone 8s. Thanks to a collaborative effort between our Tech & Change and Sustainability teams, all proceeds raised from our donation will join the funds generated by Utelize and their partners to fund the production of a brand-new lab in Xitlhelani, South Africa.

With the help of technology partner Dell Technologies, Computer Aid has already opened 24 Solar Learning Labs that reach 18,000 students and community members each year, in countries including Brazil, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, and Mexico.

Their goal is to build 100 worldwide by 2030.

“It’s been inspirational to be part of this initiative and give back to those most in need,” says Service Delivery Manager, Harminder Rai.

“Everyone deserves an opportunity to become digitally connected in the 21st century. Pledging our support to these types of projects helps to turn hope into reality in more communities, which then leads to education, employment, and chances to improve quality of life.

“We’re proud to cooperate with Utelize to help make this positive impact. And, with the emphasis Vaultex places on Social Responsibility, excited to continue delivering even more initiatives that have real impact.”