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The Green Path continues: Vaultex switch to sugarcane paper

A different shade of paper is lining the printers within Vaultex.

Recently, we switched A4 copier paper across our estate from wood pulp to an alternative sugarcane-based version – following a successful trial in our Bristol site.

We’re happy to implement another modification that continues to demonstrate our desire to drive sustainable change within the cash industry. Although only a small change, it’s one that makes an apparent difference:

  • Sugarcane is more sustainable compared to wood pulp due to its rapid rate of growth (typically one year, vs seven-to-ten for a tree). Over the lifecycle of a crop, it absorbs 10 times more co2 than it gives off.
  • Deforestation accounts for up to 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. The use of sugarcane lowers pollution and preserves forest ecosystems.
  • Due to its natural properties, sugarcane requires less chemicals to pulp and biodegrades faster, returning nutrients to the soil.
  • It’s distinct off-white colour indicates there is no bleaching process, ensuring production is less impactful on the environment.

Throughout the trial, the quality and durability of the paper proved to be suitable for all our documentation – including more official correspondence with the Bank of England. Feedback also noted its reliability, consistently performing to our existing internal standards.

“At Vaultex we pride ourselves on doing the right thing, which is why we are continuously developing initiatives internally and industrywide to reduce any negative impact on our environment,” says Culture and Sustainability Manager, Mahdiya Malik.

“That said, our decision to change our copier paper to a more sustainable source was an easy one. This replacement reaps so many environmental benefits, and I’m proud to say, in our bid to do more, the initiative has received overwhelming support from the Vaultex community.”