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Jane Austen polymer £10 launches

The Bank of England has issued the new £10 note featuring the novelist Jane Austen. It’s the first Bank of England note with a tactile feature to support the blind and partially sighted.

It joins the Churchill £5 in the first series of polymer Bank of England banknotes, with a new £20 note featuring J.M.W Turner to follow 2020.

Just over one billion polymer £10 notes have been printed ready for issue. You’ll begin to see them in the following days and weeks as they leave cash centres around the country and enter general circulation.

Like the £5 before it, Vaultex will be influential in assisting the Bank of England to coordinate the swapping out of paper £10 notes from circulation and a smooth transition to the new notes.

The current paper £10 note will be withdrawn as legal tender in spring 2018 – an exact date will be announced at least three months in advance.