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Helping Hats - For the Love Of Scrubs

Vaultex employee John Neal is lending his hands where necessary as part of the Coronavirus appeal, in this case as co-founder and assistant administrator of Facebook group Helping Hats – For the Love Of Scrubs (a side group to the main For The Love Of Scrubs – Your NHS Needs You which has over 52,000 members!).

Created by John and his friend Claire in early April, the setup was prompted by having loved ones who were NHS frontline workers and in desperate need of specification uniform clothing, particularly after the mass recruitment of retired and student practitioners by the Government.

“The page was designed to act as an information hub for sewing volunteers wanting to focus on smaller, more manageable projects, and to connect hospitals with those volunteers to provide scrub hats free of charge,” explains John.

“We initially appealed for people to make hats and headgear such as button headbands, which would save the sore ears of the frontline workers now wearing face masks day in, day out. However that very soon escalated into tops, trousers and other items such as shoe and laundry bags.”

Within the first few days they were contacted by a surgeon at Leicester Royal Infirmary, who wanted to setup a pipeline that enabled staff across all Leicester University Hospitals get the items they required. And so, requests were posted across the groups, until a sewing network local to the hospital was sourced who could meet all their needs in one place.

To date, Helping Hats has handled requests for:

Scrub Tops & Trousers: 126
Scrub Hats: 292
Button Headbands: 63
Shoe/Laundry Bags: 63

The requests span across 22 departments and two NHS Trusts, with a further six Leicester departments simply asking for ‘as many as possible of everything, please’.

“So far we’ve sent off various items to hospitals in Leicester but want to widen our field, get more volunteers and continue to help more people,” John continues.

“The overarching message is that there is so much people can be doing to help. In our case, if you’re handy with a needle and thread, please give it a go! Similarly, if anyone has or knows spouses, family or friends working in healthcare who could use some of this clothing, please email for further details.”

To help the cause by becoming a volunteer, sign up at: to help with the making of simple headgear, or to help with full scrubs.