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Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Report (2020/2021)

We’re delighted to bring you Vaultex’s first ESG report, a document that outlines the sustainability and ethical impact of our business operations.

The report is split into three key areas, focusing on:

  • How Vaultex performs as a steward of our natural environment (Environmental)
  • How Vaultex treats its people, community and suppliers (Social)
  • How Vaultex polices itself to ensure accountability (Governance)

The concept of ESG is underpinned by our values. It’s about doing the right thing for everyone and everything we encounter and impact; from our people, to our local communities, to our planet. We must strive for a balance that benefits all.

You can read Vaultex’s 2021 ESG Report in full HERE.

As a company we’re proud of what we’ve achieved, but it doesn’t mean we stop. Continuous improvement is our focus, and we’re already looking ahead to the progress we can document in our next ESG report.