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CSR Report

At Vaultex our CSR strategy is a hugely important part of our business and culture.

To help showcase these achievements we’ve created the CSR Report – a document that details what we’ve done, what we’re doing and what’s in the pipeline for all five aspects of our strategy: Ethics, Engagement, Environment, Employability and Enterprise.

The report is Vaultex at our best: coming together to make things happen. But the simple truth is we need to keep challenging ourselves to make more progress.

We continue to look at ways to close our gender pay gap, and we’ve run a diversity survey to better understand the valuable differences in our workforce. We’re also working directly with our people to find new ways – big and small – to improve our environment.

At the same time, we have to recognise that we don’t know it all; that’s why we’ve partnered with organisations that can push us to be better, like Work 180 and The Valuable 500.

We hope by focusing on meaningful, continuous change, we can continue to make Vaultex a more socially responsible and sustainable place to work and do business with.

You can view the report by clicking HERE.