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Black Lives Matter

“We treat others in the same way we want to be treated”. A common saying, perhaps, but it is Vaultex’s first core value. At Vaultex our values are not just sayings, they are integral to everything we do; from forming our policies to our company culture. Discrimination of any kind is not acceptable to us.

The Black Lives Matter movement shows the extent of the pain, frustration and anger with the level of inequality, racism and injustice that still exists in society today. As a company we promote diversity and inclusion, educating employees and local communities in line with our Zero Tolerance policy. Vaultex has recently signed the Race to Equality Charter to ensure this issue is firmly at the top of our agenda as we push to do more to eradicate inequality.

We are stronger together and by standing in solidarity as a community we can help drive the changes we want to see in the world. By ensuring that we live our values and continuously challenge the stereotypes and prejudices that allow racism to thrive, both in our work environment and throughout our daily lives, we can make a difference.