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Meet our people

People count at Vaultex. Here’s the view of some our people from across the organisation.



"I’ve been at my site a while so I’ve seen the big changes Vaultex has made over the last few years. You see the investment in people. I want to be part of that.

I like to come into work. I try to be a good role model and promote our company values. Quite a lot of people will come to me if they need help with something – and that’s a good feeling. I like to do a good job and get involved. After all, you get out what you put in."


HR Administator

"This job was my first real step into the world of work since university. I’d never taken an HR position before this role, but I’m working with an excellent group. The number of people who are willing to get stuck in and help out is tremendous. This role’s allowed me to make huge developmental strides by providing me with new opportunities to tackle."



"Vaultex has a lot of perks and benefits. They always think of their people as well as their customers. It’s nice to feel important. When I first started I didn’t expect to be here that long. I’ve been here four years now!

I’ve always been keen on engineering and tinkering with mechanics, so I’ve relished the Super Operator training for High Speed Note Sorters I’ve received recently. Travelling to sites, speaking with others and working with the machines has been great. It’s a good feeling to know I’m contributing to the company and that they value my ability."



"One of the biggest benefits is the flexibility Vaultex have allowed me to have. They’ve been very supportive in helping me balance my work and home life. I can’t say how appreciative I am of it."


Coin Centre

"I joined Vaultex over 15 years ago as a Cashier. Now I’m a Site Manager. But the title isn’t the important thing for me. It’s about being part of something successful, rising to a challenge and making a difference. That’s what motivates me.

After some time as a Cashier, I eventually became a Day Shift Manager. I then progressed to Operations Manager, and, 18 months later I was a Site Manager. Yes, I’ve always been ambitious. But more importantly, I’ve been given the support of my managers and colleagues to progress."



"If you’re willing to push yourself you can certainly move up the ladder. Five years ago, I was completely new to the industry. But after two years as a Coin Operator I’d progressed to my Night Shift Supervisor role.

I’m a firm believer in training your workforce, and I think Vaultex has got that absolutely right, especially with online learning, which I really like. The more you train your people, the more they feel part of a company. Vaultex also embrace change, and are good at getting everyone on-board with it."



"When I joined, I was juggling my shift work with studying for an Open University Degree in Business Management. It was hard, but despite this, I managed to get to Shift Manager after only nine months. Then, three years ago, I moved up again.

I’ve seen many positive changes in the last few years, with more efficiencies, better equipment and planning, and hugely improved support and training, which have enabled me to gain experience and grow. Eventually, I’d like to make the next step and run a site of my own. With the support of the company, I know I can get there."



"As a fresh graduate, it can be really challenging and daunting to leave university and try to build a career for yourself. Many companies expect you to choose a specific career before you’ve had a day’s experience, when really you can be quite undecided about the department you want to work for.

"This is where Vaultex is different. The graduate programme is designed to give you a real feel for the different departments of a business, which broadens your learning experience whilst helping you build a very handy network of contacts who are always willing to help you."

To protect the security of our people, we haven't used their real names or photographs