Commitment to support the UK’s Wholesale Cash Distribution (WCD) network: View the update

About us

Our vision

We excel in delivering best-in-class cash management services.

We provide customers with a highly efficient, adaptable service that delivers cost-savings today, whilst foreseeing and preparing for tomorrow’s challenges.

It’s this commitment to innovation and forward thinking that has led us to develop a number of products and services that improve the efficiency of the cash cycle and create value for our customers.

What we do

As one of the UK’s largest cash processors, we offer cash services that take the hassle out of managing notes and coin – enabling our clients to focus on their customers.

Working to standards set by the Bank of England and the Note Circulation Scheme, we deliver leading cash management services for our customers. We combine unparalleled industry knowledge with a forward-thinking approach aimed at simplifying the way businesses handle cash.

About Vaultex